Is America already dead?

As misunderstanding is running rampant across America, and seems to get worse every day, I want to convey my understanding of the question so that my answer may be understood by the most people. America, as I use it, refers not just to the United States of America. Certainly, America is generally used as an abbreviation for the whole name. I will use it for the same reason. But I refer to it in a deeper sense. When I use it I am talking about the America the founding father’s created. A nation guided by the will of the people. To insure this America existed for as long as possible the founding father’s created ways to make sure it would always be guided by the will of the people. Voting was a right given to all (though they did not specify that).  Free Will was established as a right to help protect their rule. To allow all of the people the power to influence the majority, and thus direct change, Freedom of Speech was established and given to all people equally. So that one voice could not shout down the others, or be silenced by just a few, the Free Press was created so any voice could be spread across the land. The Vote, Free Will, Free Speech and a Free Press were all provided as ways to insure that the majority always ruled. Rules, laws and positions were created to establish a structure but it was these four that allowed for change. It is in that sense that my answer to the question is a definite yes. America indeed is already dead. While the ability to vote has been retained for now, the others have been effectively neutralized. Free Will has been co-opted by lies and misrepresentations so that the people have yielded their vote to the party, group or idea of their choice. Favorite personalities drive them to their own candidates. The leaders themselves, rather than help the people see the path back to the America the Founding Fathers created, have chosen instead to create their own values, and solutions that serve those values, and thus further the divides. The people themselves, as honest and true as they have ever been, select different leaders year after year, only to find that the problems do not get solved, but seem to increase and only get worse. So desperate for a leader who could accomplish their goals, the American people allowed Donald Trump, a man whose only value is himself, to become the President. He has so dishonored all that the nation once stood for and yet still reaps praise and support, as well as profits. Now he openly abuses the powers of his office, and pursues only those things that enrich himself. Even the entire Republican senate has noticed the indifference to America that protects Trump, and stands in unified support of his most offensive conduct.

The power of Free Speech has been turned against the people, as those who would use it to aid the nation are criticized and abused, discredited and scorned so that doubt lets people ignore their testimony and Freedom of Speech has been rendered useless as a tool to inform the people.

The Free Press, once Americas last best hope, has so discredited itself, by failing to maintain it’s old standards, turning instead to popularity and profit, that it created the opening for Fox news. Now even media is divided into camps, and the people can see that nothing in the public eye is a reliable source for truth.

Democrats seem as unconcerned about the nation as Republicans, focusing instead on ideological notions that appeal only to their base with the apparent intent to get into office and nothing else. America may continue to call itself America for many more years. But it will be America in name only. As Trump and his henchmen continue to dismantle Americas Defense Department, we may get to the point where the name will be changed to whatever Putin and his friends want it to be.

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