Only the creator creates perfection

The creator created existence with only two conditions, multiplication and variation. Where there is one of anything, there will be many, perhaps uncountable. No matter how many of a thing created, no two will be the same. He created time, so everything could change. He allowed creation to create on it’s own. He loved his creations, and loved watching them change. To create living things, they needed an environment so they could live and grow. Variations in environments meant variations in  life. The creator loves watching living things change more than anything else. Each planet created was limited in size, and multiplication meant so many living things on one planet had to be limited too. He created death out of necessity, but then living things had a limit to their changes. Once a living thing died, it could change no more, except to rot or decay but that too would end. So the creator created the greatest life of all. He created the human. The human could change in ways no living thing had done before. With a consciousness he could change himself, and make changes faster too and continue to change throughout his whole life. With imagination he could also create things that never existed before. The things he created could even change others, in ways that made changes like never before. The ability to speak to each other meant humans could cooperate or gather together and make more changes and create more things, different than one person alone could make. With all the humans making all those changes, humans can get overwhelmed. But the creator is filled with delight. The human became the one thing the creator loved most. He spends more time with humans than anything else. To spend time with the creator would be the best thing to do with life. If that is permitted, it’s something that’s allowed with only a few humans. So our second best thing to do with life is to spend time with his greatest creation. That happens to be us. So get to know humans, and let them get to know you, and we’ll have the kind of life the creator wanted us to. He loves us so much that can’t possibly be bad.

I’m not a good writer, but that’s the best I could do. It’s what the mumbling man taught me and I hope it teaches you. More to come from the mumbling man.

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