When did the last American die?

I cannot answer the question that I’ve posted in the title. But I think I can write about  the beginning of the decline of America that we are in now. Almost everyone has noticed that we seem to be struggling and declining faster than ever before. I just started this blog site a couple of days ago. I have only posted once about the country’s situation. I spent the last two hours catching up with the news. After a number of media sites, they had much of same kind of articles they have had for years. Both sides of America are still at each others throat. I searched for blogs that might be similar to mine. I read a few articles about American decline. They were long and complicated and were a lot like the main media that I had seen earlier. I read a number of the comments about the blogs I had read. Their readers addressed the issues from the left and right. They all wrote harshly about the other side. Talk of America was limited and brief, with both sides claiming to be on the American side. The result of it all was that I ended up here.

I can speak intimately of when our decline began because I was there. I was born only eight years after the greatest American generation had saved the world. It was the earliest years of my youth when American greatness was still a part of the public mindset. The Russians startled us all when they put sputnik in orbit around the earth. I was too young to remember that, but I knew America had started her own space program. I remember JFK on our little black & white TV. I remember vividly one statement to the public: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. He was the last great president I would ever see. A number of events sort of run together. The Russians put Gagarin in orbit. JFK was murdered and a truly united nation mourned him as one people. Russian president Kruzchef(sp?) went on TV and said to America “We will bury you”. The Vietnam war was new and being broadcast on TV. The first American went into space. Alan Shepard let the world know we were in the race. Kennedy had proposed that we go to the moon, a united congress and the people agreed with him. We were still the great nation that people talked about. Alexi Leonov took the next step for the Russians when he left his spacecraft and walked in space. Bobby Kennedy appeared but only for a short time. He was a lot like his brother but the last of his kind. He was gunned down on the campaign trail, and it was sometime around there America began her decline. We would soon pass the Russians on the way to the moon. We had caught up quickly and were now leading the way. Martin Luther King began appearing on TV. Blacks clashed with cops in the south. Suddenly, it seemed the media and the public turned against the Vietnam war. Long haired hippies were burning their draft cards. President Johnson seemed confused by the mess. John Wayne went on TV and complained how the new generation was un-American. All of these things happened over a period of years, of course. Most of America resented the so-called counterculture. But they brought us the Beatles and tons of Rock n Roll. Hollywood was producing some new genre of movies. Marijuana became popular. It seemed for awhile that America might be okay, famous whites were hanging out with blacks. The Civil Rights act got passed. The Vietnam protests grew to be very large. All around the country things seemed to be starting to unravel. Woodstock happened and blew everyone’s mind. I was in high school when we landed on the moon. It was the last truly great accomplishment that America achieved, that I can remember anyway. America’s decline looked like it might pass. I graduated high school and still thought America was great. I remembered what JFK had said and so I asked what I could do for my country. I spent the next 6 years in the Navy, operating a Nuclear Power Plant on a Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine. I got out of the Navy and began enjoying the fruits of America’s greatness and felt I had earned it. Over the years I just watched as America’s decline continued and got worse and so now we are here. I didn’t notice when the last American died but I haven’t seen a sign of him in a number of years. With the politics and media and people the way they are today, we may never see a real American again. Just the thought of that makes me want to weep.


3 thoughts on “When did the last American die?

    1. Oh my god! You actually read my post? I was beginning to believe no one would ever visit this site because no one had ever commented before. You have done two good things by commenting: 1) I have a reason to continue posting. 2) made me doubt that there are no Americans left.
      Of course, to be an American means more than showing concern, it means you want to help. Those who really want to help will look everywhere to find people that share their cause. That’s why I decided to post.


    2. Though I’ve replied to this comment already, I must add this.You sent me a comment before as a reply to a totally unrelated subject, I very much wanted to follow up with you on that but had no way to contact you specifically. Your open-mindedness makes me believe that continued discussion could help me as well as you. I hope to hear from you again.


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