Why ending a life, yours or another, is always bad.

In a previous post, specifically the title, I claimed only the creator creates perfection. I also wrote that the creator loves watching his creations change. Why that is I do not know. The mumbling man never told me. Perhaps even he does not know. I also wrote that he loves watching humans change more than anything else. The creator always creates perfection, no matter what he creates. Therefore you are perfect when created, as is everyone else. We change because the creator made change a condition of existence.

Why would we want to change if we were perfect to begin with? The creator is the one who makes us change. Humans are unique among all living things because we can change ourselves. We change even before we become aware of existence. But once we become conscious of life, we can and will control those changes. Each experience we have will teach us a lesson. We may learn the lesson sooner or later or in some cases never. These lessons can cause us to act in different ways. Our actions teach us different lessons that then can change our actions and so on. We start off perfect but we can either wither or grow. We’ll usually do both throughout our lives and at some point will settle as a person greater or lesser than when we began life. We will have the opportunity to get better (or worse) as long as we live.

The creator watches our changes and allows us to control those changes so when we get to the end, he knows if we improved on his creation or diminished it. I would guess he would be happier if we had made improvements, but since he loves seeing those changes he may not care. I know the creator doesn’t like for us to judge those changes, in ourselves or others. Judging ourselves can lead to dramatic shifts in our egos and cause arrogance or depression. Judging others can lead to conflicts between humans such as bigotry or even wars. The creator did not put us here for us, we are here for him. Those problems most often occur because people give false character to the creator due to the belief he is God. This God gives them reason to pass judgment on others ( or themselves ) based on the false value system then created. You may then think you are better or worse as a human being based on some imaginary scale of good or evil and not on the notion that you were perfect to start with. That means it won’t really be you making the changes in your life, it will be this divine being that’s directing the changes. If anything could anger the creator, I suspect that would be it. The creator wants to see what YOU do with his creation, not some third party born by someone else’s imagination.

Which brings us to why taking life away is always bad. Even if you are being influenced by some deity, or perhaps a strong willed person, as long as you are alive, you can change. Once you are dead, no changes can occur. The creator cannot know if you will have gotten better, or if you were going to get worse. The creator will determine when your chances for change will end. He really does not like it when someone, or anything interferes with his control over his creations. The most evil person you ever heard of has a chance to change. So even if society decides he/she must be executed, they have done the wrong thing.

The creator values each life far more than any human or organized group ever could. He created every life. He loves that creation more that any human will be ever be capable of. The closest we can get to his love is when we love someone so much that we will give up our own life to protect them. Yet, we did not create that someone. A parent, especially a mother, can only give birth to a child. Only the creator knows the feeling of truly creating life. Or so the mumbling man taught me.

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