Greatest generation my ass!

This post is in response to a previous post in which I referred to this erroneous description of the WW2 generation. I said that they had saved the world. The fact is, they very nearly lost it. If you know anything of that time period then you know that almost all of Europe had been under attack for a long time. America had stayed out of it for so long that Great Britain was the only country still standing. Roosevelts’ lend-lease program allowed them to hold out longer, as a selfish American public, recovering from the Great Depression, didn’t give him the war powers he needed to act. If fact. it was the Japs that saved the day. If not for Pearl Harbor, we might have stayed out long enough for Great Britain to be conquered. It was only when the fight came to the states that the great American  might was mobilized. If the Japs had waited until GB was taken, the US would not have had a staging area for our forces. D-Day would not have been possible. America would have been alone and isolated, having to face Germany And the Japs alone.

There has only been one greatest generation in America, and it will always be so. That is the Founding Fathers generation. Without the Founding Fathers generation, voting to create America, no other American generation could have existed. That generation became America because the people had considered the Constitution, looked at the rights they’d get, and what they’d give up (they’re own selfish desires) and decided that they would put Americas’ values above their own. And voted for the new country.

America has had a lot of problems recently, all of which can be solved, if only this generation did as they had done and Put America’s values above their own. Of course, we don’t have the leaders they had back then, we’ve got Donald Trump & company.

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