I’ve done it again!

My last post tried to explain my site name & tag. It was supposed to help explain why helping people can be so hard. It certainly explained why I have so much trouble helping others. What I have done again is post another message that doesn’t help because of my faulty approach and weakness as a writer. So far I keep posting because I hope I can improve at least a little bit on both on my own and because I hope someone will give me feedback on how to improve on either.

Thankfully, each post has a possibility of helping others in some small way. For that reason I leave them on the site even though I know they aren’t very useful. I used to delete posts because I knew they were useless, and to be honest, because they were a daily reminder of how poor a job I was doing when it came to helping others. At one point I had written what was to be a post about how this site had entered a new era. But I was so new to blogging and the software that I lost it before I posted it. It had taken so many hours to write and vanished so quickly, and it was very late, I just quit for the day and never got back to it. I kinda wish I had posted it because I wish I knew what it said.

I am no longer concerned about reminders of the poor quality of my work. By reading each post I discover things about my approach, and about myself, that can help me improve on both.

Another useful failure of that last post was finding out that the site name & tag really are useless, no matter what excuse I used to put them in. For one, they only hinted at the purpose of the site, and for another, the tag was actually a lie. The only purpose is to try to help others. Pointing out how hard that could be and why could help almost anybody. So I was staying true to that purpose.

The last post was also helpful because the reasons given for not using them before was not really honest. The honest reason was because I know from experience that identifying a source for information is bad.

And that last post just keeps on giving. Because of it I have deleted most of this post for the best reason possible for me. I won’t be deleting this post either, but not for all the reasons previously given.

Even to continue has only one purpose, to remind me of all the excuses I have used before to continue posting.



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