Pro-life and Civil War 2

This post is a follow-up to the previous post titled “Is America already dead?”‘. If you read that post then you know what my answer to the question was and how I reached that conclusion. For the purposes of this post all you need to know is my answer was yes.

Before I get started, the current climate in America makes this section a requirement. To attempt to justify my intent is wasteful to me so I will not do it. The only intent is to provide a perspective that doesn’t seem to be available in the media, and which I personally think is of value to some Americans. For those who seek truth in what is written here I will present no evidence or try to convince you of anything. The most I will do is point out examples of truth found easily in public media so that those who seek confirmation on anything can confirm such truth themselves. This approach also works easily as well for those who seek to contradict any assertions. I am not perfect of course, and this is only meant to be a perspective. But I don’t like publishing anything that is false or incorrect, or just plain misleading. I therefore encourage you to use comments as a method to notify me of any errors that you find so I can fix them. Finally, I do not mean to indict or accuse any person, group or organization of anything. I try to be as general as possible and still support my narrative. However, to insure understanding it will be necessary to provide specific examples at times. Anyone or any group used in such a way is not meant to imply guilt or as a judgement about their participation in anything associated with the reason for their use. If their use should still offend you somehow, feel free to send me an equally useful example and I will use it, or explain why I didn’t. A final relative point: This is America. You have the right to say whatever you want. You have the freedom to come and go from this site anytime. You have a Free Will that allows you use your rights as you please. These are the same rights every other American has. All I ask is that you respect my rights as much as I do yours. Please use the comment section as I have requested, i.e. as a feedback method directed towards improvement. Your comments are important, whether positive or negative, but please don’t muddy up the comments section with all manner of judgement or coercion or various reasons about why my opinion is wrong and yours is right. Getting lost in pointless arguments about irrelevant topics is how we got here.

As an introduction I suggest you ponder this: The rights you have in America, voting, free speech, free will, free press, equality under the law etc. Are granted by our Constitution and the laws and values they produced. The only reason America existed in the first place was because the majority of the people  saw the value of those freedoms and placed those freedoms above their own values. This meant they had to accept the laws that existed and obey those laws even though they personally objected to them. They had to accept that others were equal to them under the law whether they considered them equal or not. America can only exist as America as long as the majority of Americans adhere to these principles. America is technically dead because so few people still do. This post is conjecture about what is happening, why it is continuing to happen and what the future may hold.

This post is intended to follow-up and expound on a previous post, so toward that end, I will recap where we were, and discuss additional perspectives that arose from the events and reflections that have occurred since that last post. An important detail to help maintain perspective is that America exists in name only. She is technically dead because all of her original principles are no longer being adhered to by anyone. But perhaps it would help to point out another reason to consider her dead. The original founding principle seems to work for this. America was founded on the simple notion that the nation was to be guided by the people. A majority would control the direction of the nation by vote and supported by freedoms and institutions, etc. Bottom line: Before any supporting rights or institutions were defined, this principle defined the purpose of it all,

A common refrain today is that a proper majority cannot be found and the country is turmoil. My assertion is that America is dead because the original purpose can no longer be achieved. The idea that America is dead because no one seems to adhere to certain principles, is abandoned in favor of the loss of original principal. The failure to adhere to principles now serves as evidence of why the original principle is lost.To clarify: the term “proper majority” has not been used by anyone that I know of. I use the term to define that majority of the people that also adhere to the principles under previous discussion. These then represent the majority that would be needed to re-implement the founding principle. I say that is not possible, I do not say it is impossible. The appearance of the proper majority would be the only thing that could disprove the last assertion, but it would not be sufficient to overturn America being dead. It would, however, mostly certainly prove that America could be resuscitated. Either way, I would rejoice at the appearance of the proper majority.

Another reason I use the term proper majority is because majority is used in so many ways that do not address America’s main issues. In fact, the use of majority seems to be  quite often as a way to illuminate the divisiveness in America as a reason the people themselves are the real problem and the only solution. The only other way I’ve seen the term used is as a tool for a politician, party or candidate to advocate for their particular “right” problem or solution that would fix everything. Trump, for example, avoided specifics and used MAGA instead. Democrats, on the other hand, like Warren, are busy

coming up with new “right” problems and solutions. Whatever the reason or intent is, they are the biggest offenders in America because they only give lip-service to the problem of adherence to principles. None of them are actually trying to adhere to those principle themselves. As I see it, their number one duty is to help the American people fulfill the original principle. They haven’t even tried to guide the people towards achieving the principle adherence goal. I have watched them dodge these issues and distract the public etc, but they seem hell-bent on avoiding their duties to the people.

I think that’s enough preparation to continue, the point to take away from all this is that America now exist in name only. In the original post, I followed this by saying that Americans exist in name only. With the passage of time, and events that occurred during that time, I’ve developed what I feel is a better perspective and a better approach to the discussion.  America may be dead, but those who killed her don’t deserve to be called Americans at all, not even in name only. Specifically those who did not adhere to the founding principles. From this day forward I will refer to those people as derelicts. That seems most appropriate to me because of my military experience, where I remember the offense “dereliction of duty”. That is precisely what they did. A citizen has very few duties when it comes to earning their freedoms. The two most common, of course, are voting and adherence to the founding principles. I was wrong to say that no one does anymore. Those who serve in the military not only put their values beneath those of the country, thus adhering to the founding principles. They have proven a willingness to sacrifice their lives if necessary, to preserve all of America and protect all of her people, even the derelicts. The truest of all Americans, they still deserve to be called Americans. When I asked myself how I could justify calling them that, I had an image pass through my mind of the loyal dog that refuses to leave the body of his dead master. So yes, America may be technically dead, but her body is still with us, and just like that dog, our military stays with her body, and stands ready to maul the hell out of anyone who would dare mess with it. But still, there are others. Those who are civil servants and government employees that adhere to the founding principles even though they are considered by the derelicts they serve to be beneath them. Every day they treat all that come to them equally and fairly. Their sacrifice is a constant dose of  disrespect and derision handed out by those to whom they show regard and respect. The witnesses at the impeachment hearings placed themselves in a position of risk because their commitment to America required that they do so. They don’t get big paychecks, they don’t get big bonuses or an almost unlimited amount of power. They are rarely even noticed except as a focus of derision and disdain. God forbid one of them should falter under such conditions. They are hauled before the public where they are used as an example of all that is wrong with America. Ironically, this persecution is handed out gleefully by the derelicts and their media counterparts. So I was very wrong to say there weren’t any Americans left. We may have only one body of America, but the number of loyal dogs keeping an eye on that body is awe-inspiring.  But the effects of a dead America are still with us. She is no longer able to protect those rights she once guaranteed. Which means primarily two things: Rights established by the constitution may not be protected except under certain favorable conditions, for example, a serviceman who betrays his service by violating his commitment to the founding principles.The rights are in limbo in at least two ways, they may be rescinded on a case by case basis by whoever controls the government, and they are likely temporary and will be so until the country enters the next phase. What that next phase is we can’t tell for sure, but there are signs that may help us get an idea of who will actively participate and lead us into that next phase.

I use the pro-life movement because they are a good example of a right wing movement that displays an open hostility towards America’s values that is typical in all groups from the right. And because they display a certain morality based imperative common on the right as well. Anyone that is conservative or Republican that might think I will be attacking only  the right should be patient. The liberal and democratic derelicts will get their due soon enough. I’m starting on the right because they seem to be controlling events at the moment and are in a better situation than Dems are for control of future events.

I feel comfortable in saying that the right will likely lead us into next phase for a number of reasons. They have been engaged in a successful gerrymandering effort for a long time. So it appears they will hold the reigns of power for a long time. Even if somehow the left were to take the white house, the right will have the numbers needed to prevent any significant change from happening. They seem to have a permanent hold on the most radical elements of society and their derelicts seem to be more committed and united than the left. They also seem to more willing to openly display their contempt for Americas’ values and institutions. The fact that they are doing so more aggressively in the last few years would indicate to me that they are secure enough in their positions that they are not concerned about any legal or political ramifications. They may just be emboldened by Trumps success in spite his behavior that they want to join in the fun. The right also has the NRA, which means that an outbreak of violence or too much resistance can be suppressed by force if necessary.

The weak-kneed left, on the other hand, seems content to feed on the crumbs of the right while making moves that the most powerful elements of business and industry will oppose with massive funding to the right. The left has not yet presented a candidate that seems worthy of the white house, but backlash from Trumps conduct could unite the left enough to win the majority if it gets any worse. They may just have a wait and see attitude that anticipates that the right will go too far and self-destruct. Whatever their reasoning is, their concentration on social issues that are focused on the least powerful elements of society will only get them in office for a cycle or two. Even then, the entrenched elements of the right should be able to prevent anything too serious from happening.

The Pro-life movement is typical of the right in the sense that it has collected an army of united segments that can justify almost any action they take on moral grounds. Just like Christians, they have a strong enough base that will consistently vote their way as well as a segment willing to violate any norm or law on the grounds they have a superior authority that makes any transgression a righteous act.

Given the situation, and as the right secures the Supreme Court, as well as other elements that can thwart public decision-making, the right seems poised for a future in which they can implement an effectively authoritarian government. Either party or a third party even ( not likely ) is close to success in that endeavor. Free Speech has been neutralized by tactics applied over many years, Free Will has been successfully subdued by voters desires to pass off their votes to a fixed selection of choices. Free Press has devolved to a level of ineffectiveness that pleases both parties, except for Fox, which is a reliable right-wing mouthpiece dedicated to making any speech necessary to achieve their objective whether a lie or a complete fabrication they seem capable of maintaining their audience no matter how absurd their reporting.

The one thing both parties have done to secure their ambitions is to divide the people in a way that practically guarantees a proper majority will never form. The only problem I can see that could happen is if they remove too many rights too fast, the critical body needed for a civil war might form. It would not be like the confederacy of course, so to imagine its’ form is very difficult. If it stays separated into pockets spread around America it could result in an anarchy that might be a threat to an authoritarian government because of its disruptive ability. Such a mass movement seems unlikely however, without an unifying cause. The only thing left that could intercede is the US Military. As long as it appears that the democracy is being maintained, as now, the government should be recognized as legitimate and the military will respond to its orders. But Trump, with his assaults on the Military value system, has already done serious damage to military cohesion. Retention and recruitment could develop into a serious problem for a nation devoid of a principle or cause worthy of dying for. I suspect moral has already taken a big hit and will worsen with each meddling by the political segment. As a veteran, I guarantee that resentment is considerable, since the military value system is divergent from the political value system. Most of those that serve are disgusted by the politicians value system, so involvement of a politician into their value system is particularly unwelcome.

Considering the risk involved, it is more likely than anything else that the country will persist in its current state for a long time to come unless the overturning of Roe v Wade or some other major piece of legislation somehow doesn’t happen to look like majority rule. At some point, however, the government will develop enough of a reputation for failure that a revolt of some kind will surely occur. This seems like a most likely outcome since no one appears to be interested in addressing a national issue. This is going to reach a level where a permanent impoverished population will have to be dealt with eventually. Unless, of course they can be kept to small enough contingent that they can continue to be ignored. None of the leadership class seems to be smart enough to maintain such a state so the loss of America is virtually certain. Since it is dead already, that final and complete loss is unlikely to be noticed.

Going slowly for each party is highly recommended. As long as some kind of true American revival doesn’t occur, both parties can continue to reap the money and power that America provides them and the people will be the none wiser.



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