Why I just can’t stop making excuses

The closest thing I could get to an honest answer is: Because of all of my many flaws, it’s one of the few flaws I have identified that I don’t care to fix.

The complete answer is not really complete, just as close as I can get today: I consider the difference between reason and excuse to be subjective, so I’d have to give up using reason to stop making excuses.

Of course, there is the value element. After all, the value of any specific excuse varies according to the individual and conditions of usage. But just the elementary or intrinsic value is a thing of beauty I. I mean really, what other word could you use for a reason that has no value because the truth of it is unacceptable to you? Or, what else could you use to describe an explanation that makes no sense? I’m sure the wordsmiths could come up with some alternatives that would work, but part of the beauty of excuse is how easily it can be used and be so effective.

I mean really, look at my first answer. It works as an excuse just as well as it does an answer.

My second answer is only a slightly better excuse, disguised by using reason as a second excuse to reinforce the first one. And of course, the last excuse is the old reliable explanation excuse which works every time as long as you don’t go too far with your explanation. It’s a politician and media favorite.

Then there is my personal favorite: the honest excuse. I don’t know for sure what honest means, but my minimum definition works for me. That definition is ” not telling a lie”. Even if you do tell a lie, as long as you don’t know it’s a lie, it isn’t a lie. It’s my personal favorite because I really abhor lying. It makes absolutely no sense to me. You tell a lie and it nullifies everything you say after it. All those words become valueless, no interpretation can help at all. It would have been better to just keep your mouth shut. It’s tough enough to make sense as it is. To intentionally not make sense defeats the purpose of communication.

Okay, so here is my honest excuse: I’d have to give up reason to stop making excuses. But without reason I’d have no tool to help me provide an understanding of my statements. With my limited knowledge, education, skills and intelligence along with numerous other weaknesses, I can’t make sense to most people without giving them some sort of framework that provides the understanding of my statements as I intended. Understanding is the foundation of communication. Without a solid foundation, communication can decay into gibberish. It has no effect at best, and can become a large-scale disaster at its worst. Think of the differing effects as a message goes from partially understood to not understood to misunderstood, especially when misunderstood morphs into misinterpretation, which throws the doors to peril wide open and very rarely results in anything remotely positive.

So I must use reason or I cannot communicate at all, ergo I can’t stop making excuses.

Well, that does it for this post. Time to move on.



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