Oh, so that’s why none of those problems are getting solved.

I’ve been watching events in the media for a long time. I’m 66 years old, and my first President was JFK. My first governor was George Wallace. I’ve seen a lot of politicians come and go. Most came and went quietly. Some came, stayed for while, then left. Others came in, made a lot of noise, and left. Generation after generation, office after office, it’s always the same. They come in, sometimes they get done what they promised, sometimes not. In fact, most times not. We’ve got problems that have been with us for years. The general public looks at the situation and ask themselves “Why aren’t these problems getting solved?”. In the last thirty years our problems just seem to get worse and they keep increasing in number.

In my long and pleasant (mostly) lifetime, I have worked a lot of jobs. Most in technical areas, and only a handful in other industries. My first job started in 1971. I joined the U.S. Navy. Military pay back then was meager at best, but is was getting better. The draft had ended not long ago. When they had the draft, all the government had to do was house you and feed you and clothe you( yes, they gave you a couple pairs of identical, olive drab or blue outfits that you could, and did, wear every day). And maybe pay you like $50 a month. And what did you do? You risked your life in places you had never heard of before. What was your job? Do whatever they told you do and do it damn quick! And yeah, it better be right or your ass will pay. So when I entered the Navy, like all branches of service it was having a tough time with recruitment. There weren’t a lot of guys who were willing to risk being in the situation they had been watching on TV. Vietnam had raged for a while, and with news broadcast, day after day, over the years pretty much everyone had seen the horrors they were going through. For $50 a month?

Lucky for me, the Navy was desperate so they let me choose what job I would do, provided of course that I successfully pass the schools required and then completed the necessary qualifications. So I picked “Nuclear Power Plant Operator”, it was considered one of the toughest schools in the Navy for enlisted men.. It sounded interesting. As a result, I also volunteered for Submarine duty. I also had to agree to an additional 2 years of enlistment, beyond the 4 years I was already signed up for. Short story: I completed the schools, got qualified and deployed to the fleet. I spent months at a time submerged, meandering around the world, carrying around 16 multi-warhead Nuclear tipped missiles for the sole purpose of not shooting them, so the Russians wouldn’t either. I did my job, we never fired missiles and after my six years were up, I got out. My big reward for all that? I get to call myself a veteran. I would go on to do a lot of jobs over the years. I was good at solving problems. All of my jobs were about the same. Get a problem, fix a problem, get paid. There was no option to get a problem, put it in the closet, don’t worry about it.

No matter the job, if a supervisor at the company gave me something to do, I did it. If I needed help, I got it. If another supervisor at that company gave me a job, I had no option to say, “nah, I don’t want to work for you, I like my current boss better.”

So naturally, over the years, when America’s problems just seemed to pile up, and so many politicians passed through, I had to ask ” Why haven’t these problems been fixed?

Looking back over the years at the number of politicians that had come and gone, it became pretty clear. They had no motivation to do any job, except the job the people that voted  for them wanted them to do. Well, that’s a pretty lousy attitude, I thought.

So basically, the guys or gals from particular states who get in to Federal Positions, don’t work for everybody, they just do the jobs they want. Of course, if the jobs they get from someone else requires that they work with a fellow worker, they say no. Instead of assisting, they decide they aren’t going to allow them to do their job.

I don’t understand how an elected official, who took an oath to serve the people, gets to decide he will only work for a certain group. Of course, if his voters got him in to do a certain job for them, then absolutely, he should concentrate on that job first. But every elected official that I’ve know of, at the federal level, only does the job he/she wants to.

Then I looked at the motivation. I was floored. Politicians have no motivation to do anything except the jobs the people who voted for them expected them to do. It doesn’t matter if the job was done in six months and he was serving a 6 year term, he used all that time to get more support, find more donors and expand his sphere of influence.

And why not? They all do the same thing. If I had been napping on the factory floor day after day, my fellow workers would get irate. But what if my fellow workers didn’t want to work either? We all get to sleep and get paid. Of course, when production drops to zero, the boss is going to come by and we’ll all be napping on the street, homeless.

But our elected officials? As far as I know, my taxes go into their salaries, too. So I thought about it and I realized just how good they have it. You don’t even need to get a job in government, as soon as you start running you can reap the benefits. Get money and power just by pitching yourself. You meet rich and  powerful people, you get influence, potential voters send you money, businesses contribute. So what if you don’t win. You’ll try again later. You got so much money, power and fame just by applying for the job.

And if they actually get in office? Jackpot! They swear they’ll work for everybody but they won’t. And if any of those sleeping workers get caught, they have plenty of fellow sleepers to cover for them.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty tired of hiring new workers and watching the unsolved problems just pile up. I’m glad Trump got his wall built. But when I see how much golfing he’s been doing, and those unsolved problems continue to pile up, I just shake my head.

So when I see senators and congressmen fussing and refusing to work with people they don’t want to work with and the problems continue to pile up, I wonder why the American people put up with it. Year by year they get more money, more privilege, more influence, more donors, and they only have to do the jobs they want.

Then I can’t help but think of the men and women in service, giving up all they have. Risking everything to do their duty. They keep true to their oaths. They finish the jobs given them. They sacrifice all the time.

These elected officials sacrifice nothing, They enrich themselves as soon as they apply for the job.

I don’t care what state your from, what party you belong to, or who you cast your vote for. Are you happy that all of these slobs just do the jobs they want to while all of us are paying for their comfort and privilege? Remember all of those problems that are piling up? How do you think those problems are going to get solved?



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