Why God sent us Trump

I have read in several places in the media about Rick Perry calling Trump “the chosen one”. I don’t know if Perry is Christian or not, but the media usually uses Christ and his contrast to Trump as a way to dispute that notion. From my perspective, such a contrast is pointless. For one, my god is not the Christian god, so if my god put him here, the Christ contrast approach doesn’t help. Secondly, the last place I would look to find a perspective on god would be a Christian. I have a pretty good reason for my attitude, and that helps me to see why god would put Trump here.

Like everyone else’s god, my god is the one true god. I hate to use the term god, because what the word means has been corrupted so much over the years that getting people to agree on anything about god is an exercise in frustration development. But until I find an acceptable substitution, god will have to do.

I first started talking to my god at a young age, so I have been with him a long time. I’ve learned so much from him and continue learning to this day. I’ve gotten familiar with some of the ways he teaches. For example, one of the earliest lessons I learned was to stay away from churches. I was around 10 or 11 years old when I went to a church for the first and only time. I was enjoying my relation with god and I had seen church services broadcast on TV. The crowed, the sermons, the music, and talk about god made me think a church was a good place to go to get closer to him.

So one Sunday, I put on my best clothes and headed to a church that was not too far away. I went in and sat down and I watched and listened. I noticed after a short time that something didn’t feel right. The longer I sat there, the more intense the feeling got. I tried talking to god in my mind. Soon the feeling turned from strange to bad. It felt evil. I got the sensation that god was yelling at me to get out. So I got up and left. Once outside the evil feeling subsided and rather quickly went away. I didn’t know why at the time, but it seemed pretty clear that god did not want me in a church. It had been one of the best lessons I would ever get, though I didn’t know it at the time.

Because of this lesson, and the sense I had that it had come from god, I started watching the world more closely and stayed in constant contact with god, looking for more lessons.

Since going to church was off the table, I looked at other ways to get to know god better. It was the sixties, and I was in the south, so there were lots of Christians to talk to. What I learned after talking to enough of them was that I didn’t want to be a Christian. I heard things said about god that contradicted with what I knew about him. I also learned that they were not nice people. They often used god as a tool to justify their prejudices and hatred toward others.

The contrast between how I saw god and how they saw god was enough to keep me away from Christianity. More importantly though, I was still developing as a person, and learned a number of ways that I did not want to be.

If my god sent Trump, it would be as an example of ways not to be. I already knew that Trump was a poor example of a human being, but some of his conduct has proven to me what that really means. I’m sure the lessons he teaches are getting learned by many. From personal to political and everything in between Trump displays many ways that other humans would not want to be.

So he could be teaching a lot of people the sort of things that they need to know in order for them to be a better human being. Contrasting Trump with Christ seems to be pointless. If you want to know why god put him here, contrast Trump with yourself.

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