Today was a very sad day for me.

I feel a little guilty for publishing this message, because I have been sad on so few occasions in my long life, I shouldn’t be complaining about it. Another reason is because I feel that sadness is like a disease, it can be contagious, so I don’t like spreading it around. I didn’t even consultContinue reading “Today was a very sad day for me.”

Why are God and Religion so different? An answer for Atheists, and others.

This post is the result of reading other posts that address god and atheism. For the atheist, you may already know of the difficulty of challenging religious belief. It even makes sense to me why you would chose to deny god. You can use certain valid and truthful arguments to challenge any religion, but asContinue reading “Why are God and Religion so different? An answer for Atheists, and others.”

Why I pray to the Mumbling Man

I just used “pray” as a literary device, so please, don’t let that term mislead you. But, while I’m on it, let me expound a little bit. Praying has such religious connotations for most people that the word strictly implies trying to speak to god. Where for many of us, it  expresses a diminished hopeContinue reading “Why I pray to the Mumbling Man”

Evidence suggest Darwin was wrong

When I first heard of the “Origin of the Species”  I thought evolution sounded reasonable. I had read enough history to know that things changed over time. I had been born only eight years after WW2, and by the time the Hippie generation appeared I had noticed changes happening. Somehow I related it to Darwin,Continue reading “Evidence suggest Darwin was wrong”