Oh, so that’s why none of those problems are getting solved.

I’ve been watching events in the media for a long time. I’m 66 years old, and my first President was JFK. My first governor was George Wallace. I’ve seen a lot of politicians come and go. Most came and went quietly. Some came, stayed for while, then left. Others came in, made a lot ofContinue reading “Oh, so that’s why none of those problems are getting solved.”

Why I just can’t stop making excuses

The closest thing I could get to an honest answer is: Because of all of my many flaws, it’s one of the few flaws I have identified that I don’t care to fix. The complete answer is not really complete, just as close as I can get today: I consider the difference between reason andContinue reading “Why I just can’t stop making excuses”

When did the last American die?

I cannot answer the question that I’ve posted in the title. But I think I can write about  the beginning of the decline of America that we are in now. Almost everyone has noticed that we seem to be struggling and declining faster than ever before. I just started this blog site a couple ofContinue reading “When did the last American die?”

Is America already dead?

As misunderstanding is running rampant across America, and seems to get worse every day, I want to convey my understanding of the question so that my answer may be understood by the most people. America, as I use it, refers not just to the United States of America. Certainly, America is generally used as anContinue reading “Is America already dead?”

Why ending a life, yours or another, is always bad.

In a previous post, specifically the title, I claimed only the creator creates perfection. I also wrote that the creator loves watching his creations change. Why that is I do not know. The mumbling man never told me. Perhaps even he does not know. I also wrote that he loves watching humans change more thanContinue reading “Why ending a life, yours or another, is always bad.”

Only the creator creates perfection

The creator created existence with only two conditions, multiplication and variation. Where there is one of anything, there will be many, perhaps uncountable. No matter how many of a thing created, no two will be the same. He created time, so everything could change. He allowed creation to create on it’s own. He loved hisContinue reading “Only the creator creates perfection”