I’ve done it again!

My last post tried to explain my site name & tag. It was supposed to help explain why helping people can be so hard. It certainly explained why I have so much trouble helping others. What I have done again is post another message that doesn’t help because of my faulty approach and weakness as a writer. So far I keep posting because I hope I can improve at least a little bit on both on my own and because I hope someone will give me feedback on how to improve on either.

Thankfully, each post has a possibility of helping others in some small way. For that reason I leave them on the site even though I know they aren’t very useful. I used to delete posts because I knew they were useless, and to be honest, because they were a daily reminder of how poor a job I was doing when it came to helping others. At one point I had written what was to be a post about how this site had entered a new era. But I was so new to blogging and the software that I lost it before I posted it. It had taken so many hours to write and vanished so quickly, and it was very late, I just quit for the day and never got back to it. I kinda wish I had posted it because I wish I knew what it said.

I am no longer concerned about reminders of the poor quality of my work. By reading each post I discover things about my approach, and about myself, that can help me improve on both.

Another useful failure of that last post was finding out that the site name & tag really are useless, no matter what excuse I used to put them in. For one, they only hinted at the purpose of the site, and for another, the tag was actually a lie. The only purpose is to try to help others. Pointing out how hard that could be and why could help almost anybody. So I was staying true to that purpose.

The last post was also helpful because the reasons given for not using them before was not really honest. The honest reason was because I know from experience that identifying a source for information is bad.

And that last post just keeps on giving. Because of it I have deleted most of this post for the best reason possible for me. I won’t be deleting this post either, but not for all the reasons previously given.

Even to continue has only one purpose, to remind me of all the excuses I have used before to continue posting.



Site title & tag explained

I’ve had this site barely over a week now, and just added a title and tag tonight. I don’t like them because it narrows the audience I can reach. Some people use them because it will draw a minimum of people to their site. Even one person can mean your posts are not useless. Of course, the larger your audience, the more effect your posts can have. But I think most people use them because they care about the subjects they cover, and want to speak to others that care about that too.

I didn’t have a title or tag because I couldn’t find either that would explain the purpose of this site. Honestly, I don’t know for sure what the purpose of this site is. The only reason I can see for it is to help as many human beings as I can. Why would I not pursue such a noble goal? But that’s not the reason for this site. Fact is, I’ve always wanted to help as many people as possible, for as long as I’ve been conscious of life, it’s the only thing that gives meaning to life itself. When I first asked myself why would I want to help others it was because no one seemed to want to help me. Because of an early childhood trauma my view of life was impaired. My interpretation of events was warped. Add to that the usual problems of a broken home, parental neglect, poverty and a highly toxic social environment outside the home, I was about as screwed up as you could make a young person.

I guess I wanted to help people mostly because I didn’t want them to experience the things I had experienced. I couldn’t even wish such thing on my worse enemy.

But I would find, as I grew, most people don’t want be helped. Those that did, asked for it. But my experience had taught me that some people, usually those who needed help the most, would not ask. For me, it was because I was such an unworthy person that I didn’t deserve any help. I was an exceptionally quiet kid because I was consumed by shame and afraid that anyone I talked to might reveal that shame to others.

As I got older, I also saw that people who claimed they wanted to help others, actually did harm, sometimes great harm. In my struggles I hoped only for one thing: to be a good person. I guess that has been my only ultimate goal ever since. I’m 66 and I wonder if it’s even possible. But to start down that road I needed to define what being a good person really meant. I had already experienced enough people who claimed to be good but really weren’t. I consider anyone who says they are good to be telling a lie, even if the lie is unintended. So to be really good, my definition added “do no harm”.

Doing no harm is a lot harder than it should be. But towards that effort I would not give people an uninvited opinion. Even if asked I would avoid answering if I could see any way that it might do harm. I’ve held onto that attitude my whole life.

My definition of good expanded to add “Always be honest to yourself and others”. That’s pretty much as far as I’ve gotten.

So, with all that, I see no reason to blog. Until a couple of months ago, I totally avoided social media altogether. I had never posted so much as a comment or opinion to the general public. I’m still convinced doing so is a bad idea. If not bad, then pointless.

So why do I persist? Simple answer: My beliefs about god compel me to. Why couldn’t I use that in a title or tag? Certainly that would draw a minimum audience. Yes it would, but it would be an audience of people that are the hardest to help. For the same reason, I cannot use the word “god” in any title or tag or even the title for a single post. I have attempted to work around that in a couple of posts by using “creator” instead. Now I don’t even do that.

Yet, with all that, I’ve written a great deal in this post knowing full well that it is unlikely anyone will ever read it. To me, it seems a sign of insanity to continue to do so. And yet, I will continue because god, as I see him, knows everything. Therefore he must know why he has me doing this. I can think ( so far ) of only two reasons. He must know that at some point, people will see this and be helped by it . Or, doing this is meant to help me in some way I cannot see yet.

Either way, my desire to be good is still with me, and while my desire to “do no harm” is still there, since god is my only proof of good, I’m satisfied that continuing will not inhibit my progress towards goodness.

Of course, to be honest, if I should ever determine that god is not that pure example of good I thought he was, then I would quit and go back to my old ways. I would be just fine with that. It would hurt for sure. It always hurts to find out you are wrong. But finding out you are wrong is itself a good thing. After all, if you could eliminate all the wrong in your life, then whatever is left, must be good.





Greatest generation my ass!

This post is in response to a previous post in which I referred to this erroneous description of the WW2 generation. I said that they had saved the world. The fact is, they very nearly lost it. If you know anything of that time period then you know that almost all of Europe had been under attack for a long time. America had stayed out of it for so long that Great Britain was the only country still standing. Roosevelts’ lend-lease program allowed them to hold out longer, as a selfish American public, recovering from the Great Depression, didn’t give him the war powers he needed to act. If fact. it was the Japs that saved the day. If not for Pearl Harbor, we might have stayed out long enough for Great Britain to be conquered. It was only when the fight came to the states that the great American  might was mobilized. If the Japs had waited until GB was taken, the US would not have had a staging area for our forces. D-Day would not have been possible. America would have been alone and isolated, having to face Germany And the Japs alone.

There has only been one greatest generation in America, and it will always be so. That is the Founding Fathers generation. Without the Founding Fathers generation, voting to create America, no other American generation could have existed. That generation became America because the people had considered the Constitution, looked at the rights they’d get, and what they’d give up (they’re own selfish desires) and decided that they would put Americas’ values above their own. And voted for the new country.

America has had a lot of problems recently, all of which can be solved, if only this generation did as they had done and Put America’s values above their own. Of course, we don’t have the leaders they had back then, we’ve got Donald Trump & company.

When did the last American die?

I cannot answer the question that I’ve posted in the title. But I think I can write about  the beginning of the decline of America that we are in now. Almost everyone has noticed that we seem to be struggling and declining faster than ever before. I just started this blog site a couple of days ago. I have only posted once about the country’s situation. I spent the last two hours catching up with the news. After a number of media sites, they had much of same kind of articles they have had for years. Both sides of America are still at each others throat. I searched for blogs that might be similar to mine. I read a few articles about American decline. They were long and complicated and were a lot like the main media that I had seen earlier. I read a number of the comments about the blogs I had read. Their readers addressed the issues from the left and right. They all wrote harshly about the other side. Talk of America was limited and brief, with both sides claiming to be on the American side. The result of it all was that I ended up here.

I can speak intimately of when our decline began because I was there. I was born only eight years after the greatest American generation had saved the world. It was the earliest years of my youth when American greatness was still a part of the public mindset. The Russians startled us all when they put sputnik in orbit around the earth. I was too young to remember that, but I knew America had started her own space program. I remember JFK on our little black & white TV. I remember vividly one statement to the public: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. He was the last great president I would ever see. A number of events sort of run together. The Russians put Gagarin in orbit. JFK was murdered and a truly united nation mourned him as one people. Russian president Kruzchef(sp?) went on TV and said to America “We will bury you”. The Vietnam war was new and being broadcast on TV. The first American went into space. Alan Shepard let the world know we were in the race. Kennedy had proposed that we go to the moon, a united congress and the people agreed with him. We were still the great nation that people talked about. Alexi Leonov took the next step for the Russians when he left his spacecraft and walked in space. Bobby Kennedy appeared but only for a short time. He was a lot like his brother but the last of his kind. He was gunned down on the campaign trail, and it was sometime around there America began her decline. We would soon pass the Russians on the way to the moon. We had caught up quickly and were now leading the way. Martin Luther King began appearing on TV. Blacks clashed with cops in the south. Suddenly, it seemed the media and the public turned against the Vietnam war. Long haired hippies were burning their draft cards. President Johnson seemed confused by the mess. John Wayne went on TV and complained how the new generation was un-American. All of these things happened over a period of years, of course. Most of America resented the so-called counterculture. But they brought us the Beatles and tons of Rock n Roll. Hollywood was producing some new genre of movies. Marijuana became popular. It seemed for awhile that America might be okay, famous whites were hanging out with blacks. The Civil Rights act got passed. The Vietnam protests grew to be very large. All around the country things seemed to be starting to unravel. Woodstock happened and blew everyone’s mind. I was in high school when we landed on the moon. It was the last truly great accomplishment that America achieved, that I can remember anyway. America’s decline looked like it might pass. I graduated high school and still thought America was great. I remembered what JFK had said and so I asked what I could do for my country. I spent the next 6 years in the Navy, operating a Nuclear Power Plant on a Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine. I got out of the Navy and began enjoying the fruits of America’s greatness and felt I had earned it. Over the years I just watched as America’s decline continued and got worse and so now we are here. I didn’t notice when the last American died but I haven’t seen a sign of him in a number of years. With the politics and media and people the way they are today, we may never see a real American again. Just the thought of that makes me want to weep.


Is America already dead?

As misunderstanding is running rampant across America, and seems to get worse every day, I want to convey my understanding of the question so that my answer may be understood by the most people. America, as I use it, refers not just to the United States of America. Certainly, America is generally used as an abbreviation for the whole name. I will use it for the same reason. But I refer to it in a deeper sense. When I use it I am talking about the America the founding father’s created. A nation guided by the will of the people. To insure this America existed for as long as possible the founding father’s created ways to make sure it would always be guided by the will of the people. Voting was a right given to all (though they did not specify that).  Free Will was established as a right to help protect their rule. To allow all of the people the power to influence the majority, and thus direct change, Freedom of Speech was established and given to all people equally. So that one voice could not shout down the others, or be silenced by just a few, the Free Press was created so any voice could be spread across the land. The Vote, Free Will, Free Speech and a Free Press were all provided as ways to insure that the majority always ruled. Rules, laws and positions were created to establish a structure but it was these four that allowed for change. It is in that sense that my answer to the question is a definite yes. America indeed is already dead. While the ability to vote has been retained for now, the others have been effectively neutralized. Free Will has been co-opted by lies and misrepresentations so that the people have yielded their vote to the party, group or idea of their choice. Favorite personalities drive them to their own candidates. The leaders themselves, rather than help the people see the path back to the America the Founding Fathers created, have chosen instead to create their own values, and solutions that serve those values, and thus further the divides. The people themselves, as honest and true as they have ever been, select different leaders year after year, only to find that the problems do not get solved, but seem to increase and only get worse. So desperate for a leader who could accomplish their goals, the American people allowed Donald Trump, a man whose only value is himself, to become the President. He has so dishonored all that the nation once stood for and yet still reaps praise and support, as well as profits. Now he openly abuses the powers of his office, and pursues only those things that enrich himself. Even the entire Republican senate has noticed the indifference to America that protects Trump, and stands in unified support of his most offensive conduct.

The power of Free Speech has been turned against the people, as those who would use it to aid the nation are criticized and abused, discredited and scorned so that doubt lets people ignore their testimony and Freedom of Speech has been rendered useless as a tool to inform the people.

The Free Press, once Americas last best hope, has so discredited itself, by failing to maintain it’s old standards, turning instead to popularity and profit, that it created the opening for Fox news. Now even media is divided into camps, and the people can see that nothing in the public eye is a reliable source for truth.

Democrats seem as unconcerned about the nation as Republicans, focusing instead on ideological notions that appeal only to their base with the apparent intent to get into office and nothing else. America may continue to call itself America for many more years. But it will be America in name only. As Trump and his henchmen continue to dismantle Americas Defense Department, we may get to the point where the name will be changed to whatever Putin and his friends want it to be.

Why ending a life, yours or another, is always bad.

In a previous post, specifically the title, I claimed only the creator creates perfection. I also wrote that the creator loves watching his creations change. Why that is I do not know. The mumbling man never told me. Perhaps even he does not know. I also wrote that he loves watching humans change more than anything else. The creator always creates perfection, no matter what he creates. Therefore you are perfect when created, as is everyone else. We change because the creator made change a condition of existence.

Why would we want to change if we were perfect to begin with? The creator is the one who makes us change. Humans are unique among all living things because we can change ourselves. We change even before we become aware of existence. But once we become conscious of life, we can and will control those changes. Each experience we have will teach us a lesson. We may learn the lesson sooner or later or in some cases never. These lessons can cause us to act in different ways. Our actions teach us different lessons that then can change our actions and so on. We start off perfect but we can either wither or grow. We’ll usually do both throughout our lives and at some point will settle as a person greater or lesser than when we began life. We will have the opportunity to get better (or worse) as long as we live.

The creator watches our changes and allows us to control those changes so when we get to the end, he knows if we improved on his creation or diminished it. I would guess he would be happier if we had made improvements, but since he loves seeing those changes he may not care. I know the creator doesn’t like for us to judge those changes, in ourselves or others. Judging ourselves can lead to dramatic shifts in our egos and cause arrogance or depression. Judging others can lead to conflicts between humans such as bigotry or even wars. The creator did not put us here for us, we are here for him. Those problems most often occur because people give false character to the creator due to the belief he is God. This God gives them reason to pass judgment on others ( or themselves ) based on the false value system then created. You may then think you are better or worse as a human being based on some imaginary scale of good or evil and not on the notion that you were perfect to start with. That means it won’t really be you making the changes in your life, it will be this divine being that’s directing the changes. If anything could anger the creator, I suspect that would be it. The creator wants to see what YOU do with his creation, not some third party born by someone else’s imagination.

Which brings us to why taking life away is always bad. Even if you are being influenced by some deity, or perhaps a strong willed person, as long as you are alive, you can change. Once you are dead, no changes can occur. The creator cannot know if you will have gotten better, or if you were going to get worse. The creator will determine when your chances for change will end. He really does not like it when someone, or anything interferes with his control over his creations. The most evil person you ever heard of has a chance to change. So even if society decides he/she must be executed, they have done the wrong thing.

The creator values each life far more than any human or organized group ever could. He created every life. He loves that creation more that any human will be ever be capable of. The closest we can get to his love is when we love someone so much that we will give up our own life to protect them. Yet, we did not create that someone. A parent, especially a mother, can only give birth to a child. Only the creator knows the feeling of truly creating life. Or so the mumbling man taught me.

Only the creator creates perfection

The creator created existence with only two conditions, multiplication and variation. Where there is one of anything, there will be many, perhaps uncountable. No matter how many of a thing created, no two will be the same. He created time, so everything could change. He allowed creation to create on it’s own. He loved his creations, and loved watching them change. To create living things, they needed an environment so they could live and grow. Variations in environments meant variations in  life. The creator loves watching living things change more than anything else. Each planet created was limited in size, and multiplication meant so many living things on one planet had to be limited too. He created death out of necessity, but then living things had a limit to their changes. Once a living thing died, it could change no more, except to rot or decay but that too would end. So the creator created the greatest life of all. He created the human. The human could change in ways no living thing had done before. With a consciousness he could change himself, and make changes faster too and continue to change throughout his whole life. With imagination he could also create things that never existed before. The things he created could even change others, in ways that made changes like never before. The ability to speak to each other meant humans could cooperate or gather together and make more changes and create more things, different than one person alone could make. With all the humans making all those changes, humans can get overwhelmed. But the creator is filled with delight. The human became the one thing the creator loved most. He spends more time with humans than anything else. To spend time with the creator would be the best thing to do with life. If that is permitted, it’s something that’s allowed with only a few humans. So our second best thing to do with life is to spend time with his greatest creation. That happens to be us. So get to know humans, and let them get to know you, and we’ll have the kind of life the creator wanted us to. He loves us so much that can’t possibly be bad.

I’m not a good writer, but that’s the best I could do. It’s what the mumbling man taught me and I hope it teaches you. More to come from the mumbling man.

The Mumbling Man

The mumbling man can be found anywhere. He is usually sitting down and appears to be talking to himself. When you get close enough to hear, you’ll find he is making sounds but not making sense. He is always calm, with a peaceful demeanor. He never raises his voice. He never shows any emotion. He sits quietly all day long. The only sound is his mumbling. I’ve learned everything I know from the mumbling man. I will post it all right here.